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Through Our Own World View (Understanding Personalities)

A colleague of mine posted a link for a personality assessment. It reminded me of the book The Personality Plus by Florence Littauer. I had read this book several years ago and decided it was a good time to read it again. I am by no means an expert on personalities an I am still learning. Many relationship conflicts can be fixed by just understanding that people have different personalities, but we have the habit of thinking others are like us. Therein lies the conflict. This book is incredible for learning how to handle various relationships: with your spouse, as a parent, daughter/son, employee, etc...

I would highly recommend reading the book to get the full benefit of all the details.

Imagine you divided up the people in your office where you work. Those people would be divided up into two groups: those that are task-oriented and those that are people-oriented.

Those two groups can be further divided into people who are introverted (enjoy being alone) and extroverted (enjoy being around people). I tend to be more people-oriented than task-oriented and introverted than extroverted.

Though I enjoy people, I am much more comfortable talking in a small group. Over the years, I sometimes say "hello" to people I don't know, but I kind of have to force myself. Then, I look at my daughter, and she happily waves to people as we walk through the supermarket. It cracks me up sometimes because I watch her and think she makes people smile when she waves at them. She is also very determined which my husband and I will have to help nurture and cultivate in a positive way!

When we can understand that we all have unique personalities we are able to truly connect with people and develop deeper relationships.

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