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Things Just Got Real

I love America, I think it's one of the greatest countries in the world. Throughout my lifetime, I've seen a decline in the principles and values that used to make this country special. It used to be that people came here in poverty and with effort and work, they could "lift themselves up by the bootstraps" and gain the ability to support their families and even future generations. It used to be that Americans took pride in contributing to society and taught their children about what it meant to be American. It used to be that people could live here free from religious discrimination and persecution. Sadly, those days are gone....

Where we we go from here?

1) Pray to G-d to protect us and our families.

2) Remember the things that are most important in life: G-d/faith, family, community, etc.

3) Establish safety and security precautions in your families/communities. For American Jews that may mean moving to Israel.

4) Instead of allowing the media to separate us by race, religion, gender, political ties, we unite around the things that make us alike.

May G-d finally bring peace to the world and may we have the strength to rid the evil that we are facing everyday in this world. May G-d bring comfort to the mourners and the injured of the horrific attack yesterday in Pittsburgh.


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