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The Ultimate Blessing

This past Shabbat, we read Parashat Lech Lecha in synagogue. The Parasha begins with Hashem blessing Avram (his name will change to Avraham) stating that he will make him a great nation, bless him, make his name great, and he will be blessing. What made Avraham so special that he received this blessing?

Avraham began to influence those around him to believe and serve Hashem. Prior to that most people believed in more than one G-d, including Avraham's father who owned an idol shop. Avraham and Sarah could not truly serve Hashem and completely influence those around them where they lived, they had to leave and establish a new home. They left Haran and traveled to Canaan (the land of Israel). The blessing that Avraham received is repeated in Parashat Vayera.

I think about becoming a parent- it is truly a wonderful blessing. In a way it is similar to the journey that Avraham and Sarah would undertake. When we become parents, almost everything changes. We enter a world unknown. Sure, we know to expect little sleep, to change diapers, figure out feeding techniques, and baby's cues. The thing we don't know is the baby's personality and how much it influences everything else in our lives. We have a new little person that we are entrusted to help grow and develop. We have to think ahead of time about how our actions will affect our children. Gone are the days of spontaneous events, as things require much more planning ahead.

Becoming a parents is incredible. All of the events leading up to the baby's birth are truly a miracle. As we watch our children grow, learn, and develop, we realize how special it is to become a parent. Just like Avraham and Sarah were the progenitors of a great nation, as parents, we have the ability to have offspring that will be a blessing to others.

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